Sunday, July 26, 2009

1 year and almost 60 posts later...

I began this blog in July of 2008 and now as July of 2009 comes to a close I thought it might be appropriate to acknowledge the year anniversary of my blog. I started this blog to as a way to deal with the issues that came up in the production of Impacting Girls Influencing Life, Now that that documentary is completed and I am working on my next project ( this blog has become a way for me to process and express all the issues that come up within my life. With the new project, my focus has also shifted to examining global systems of power and concepts of global influence. Ilha Das Flores is a short non-fiction video orginally created in Portugese that examines the value of human life and the caste system of human worth that has been created by the capitalist system we are born into as members of this world:

it is in two parts and about 10 minutes long total (not including credits), definately worth watching.