Saturday, June 19, 2010

Long Time, No Update: Detroit June 2010

I am sitting on the campus of Wayne State University as shady campus police slowly drive by. I am brought here by a convergence of amazing events soon to end in the 2nd United State Social Forum. The Allied Media Conference is in its 12th year. Every year amazing media makers converge on this campus and collectively create, inspire and explore the issues that we all fight for. Yesterday I did a workshop in street art, computer building and then took an incredible tour of economic injustices in Detroit. Starting tonight there is also the Assembly of Jews Confronting Racism and Israeli Apartheid, the first convergence of its time. People started rolling into town last night, its sure to be an amazing time! Then the last 4 days of my trip here will be consumed by the 2nd United States Social Forum. The USSF is based on the model of the world social forum and is not a conference but an opportunity for people to come together and work to create real change within their communities.

Getting here was a journey in itself, after a cancelled flight and a cancelled van ride I got on a greyhound bus at midnight wednesday night and 16 hours, 3 busses and 1 taxi later I found myself at the Allied Media Conference. AMC is incredible and inspirational and whatever happens in the next week I'm ready for it.