Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Passed on to me... examples of things I like!

passed on to me from my aunt-

"I was with my mom today, she’s looking at apartments. So we’re in the leasing office, and the bathrooms are “one person at a time”, but there are two of them, marked Men and Women (of course). The women’s is in use. The rental agent sees Mom waiting and says, “If you need a bathroom there are more. Go through that door, down the hall and on the left you’ll see mens and womens”. Mom thinks she’ll be funny and says “and which one should I use?”, and this very ordinary middle-aged woman pauses for a moment and then says with a perfectly straight face “whichever one makes you comfortable”

… I thought that was great!!"

and i thought it was great to...

just sharing stories (and making up for almost never posting in March)

check out the blog for The Trek Project -->

Fundraiser Update


The Fundraiser was pretty good. Didn't really have the attendance I would have hoped for but none the less between the actual event and the call for donations before hand I raised about 600$

remember my ultimate goal is 2000$

so 1400$ to go, but 600$ is a great start!

look out for more events to come, in Philly

I am looking to set something up with the A Space, and Cafe Mocha.

As a point of clarification right now my working title for this experience is "The Trek Project". Right now this consists of two parts, the first is a study on the ways that Western structures (specifically United States of America based), on a governmental, NGO and personal level interact with Latin America. It is an examination of US perspectives on Latin America, as well as a study of how organizations that do work within Latin America function, choose locations and ultimately "improve" the lives of "those people". I will pay particular attention to the concept of "helping those people" and where this attitude originates.

The second part of the project is the larger goal, the actual documentary about the Trek for Knowledge. This documentary will explore the ways that we construct communities as well as the idea of accountability to one's community on a local and global level.

I am publishing the full descriptions of the project and its components at

please follow that blog for full updates on the progress of The Trek Project.

Friday, March 20, 2009

If You Seek Amy/cheesy pop songs/the soundtrack of spring break 09.... in my head

I wish... that I could be your romeo...
"marry me juliet, youll never have to be alone,
I love you and thats all I really know..."

but alas, I have spent way too much of my spring break listening to the radio...
which brings up the point of my newfound appreciation and mixed feelings about Britney Spears....

ok, so yea yea big deal, at this point most people know but I will reiterate,

"All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy"
'if you seek amy" - eff.u.see.kay.ME - f u c k ME
that line at first doesn't make sense but if you examine the sounds of 'if you seek amy' what comes out is the spelling of 'fuck' me. This would be part one of the appreciation, but part 2 of admiration and mixed feelings come out in the first half of that line...
if she is indeed saying (and I for one believe she is) fuck me at the end, then what does it mean that she says that both the boys and girls want to fuck her...

so points of interest as I continue to explore this song...

the meaning of all of the boys and all of the girls
the implications of the constant representation of seeking> 'amy', a clearly feminine name
the idealism of Britney eventually heading out side the suburban home with the pie 2.5 kids, husband, etc... as she retreats from the world of the wild partiers and into the psuedo rhelm of the american dream...
the role of the news clips placed on either side of the "actual video"...

and more...
there are answers coming I swear...

and btw- incase you forgot the josie and the pussycats existed, now seems like a good time to put some in...

ps- remember to count down...

6 whole hours,
5 long days,
4 all your lies to come undone, and those
3 small words came way
2 late, cuz you cant see that I'm the

o, and i do know that this has been a little scattered, but its kind of like watching a little brain explosion...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Madly Multi-Arts Party to Back Documentary Filmmaker on Saturday, March 14
March 7, 2009, Philadelphia – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
What unites a rapper, a singer/songwriter, three jewelry-makers, a documentary on women in the media, a raffle, a silent auction, and a music video? Stumped? They’re all coming together for an Arts Free-for-All Party to raise money for filmmaker Hannah ‘helyx’ Horwitz’s documentary about American teens in Nicaragua.
All that and more will be happening Saturday, March 14, from 6-9 at Saladworks on the Penn Campus, 3728 Spruce Street, 19104. Lee G the rapper/singer will host and perform, and songwriter Kevin Ricci will sing. Works by artists and jewelry-makers Julia Eckenrode, Lisa Horwitz and Danny Kulp will be offered at silent auction, and Horwitz’ documentary on the impact of media images of women on girls will be shown. Rounding off the eclectic mix will be a raffle of a CD set, and a showing of Sandsnake, a Lee G and Delon music video filmed and edited by Horwitz. In short, the evening offers a madly mixed arts menu making one fun party.
The event is part of a broader fundraising effort to support Horwitz’s trip to Nicaragua this summer with a group of Philadelphia teens who will work with a small community there to build a school. Their trip is part of buildOn, ( an organization that combines after-school service in teens’ home communities here in the states with raising money and sending volunteers to build schools (295 to date) in developing communities around the world. 13 Philadelphia area high schools are working with buildOn ( and a group of students from those programs are headed to Nicaragua this summer. Horwitz’s film will document their work and the impact it will have, not just on the community building a new school, but on the lives of the American teens. Horwitz knows this impact well, as she describes her own buildOn experience in Nicaragua at age 17 as “life-changing.” Part of the money will go to fund a solar-powered battery charger to allow her to film in the remote community which lacks electricity.
There is no cover, but contributions will be joyfully received.
Madly Multi-Arts Party Backing buildOn Film
Saturday, March 14, 6-9
Saladworks on the Penn Campus, 3728 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Contact for more information: Hannah ‘helyx’ Horwitz, 610-539-9359,