Sunday, July 6, 2008

Impacting Girls, Influencing Life: The Portrayal of Women in the Media

So for my next project I am working on a documentary/potential installation about the portrayal of women in the media, this is the continuation and expansion of a topic that I have been working on all year but over the course of the next few months I am going to be going more into depth, with this topic. I have begun to shape an independent study that will reflect a desire to get into more theory based around race and gender. At this point in the process I am looking for advice, reading recommendations, interviews or any kind of discussion around this topic.

Below is my final project for Video 1:
There are still a number of rough edges that need to be smoothed out, but while I work on those, check this out!


Anonymous said...

FREAKING awesome job!!!! both are reallly good..WOW GReat job hannah continue it!!

jd stokely said...

haha does no one else see the irony in the video/film maker breaking the tv??

good job, love. you know i adore you.