Monday, September 29, 2008


ok, so i know that schools can get a little ridiculous when it comes to stereotyping and gender conformity and dress codes and the like... I just stumbled across this article about an 8th grader, Matt Alsup, who was told to wash the make up off his face when he decided to wear make up to school (black eyeliner and lipstick)... When the school called his mother she offered that she could buy him some pick lipstick (if that would be less "distracting") and was told that because he was a male, and that it is socially un-acceptable for males to wear make up, he would not be allowed to wear any make-up to school.
even more shocking (at least to me) was that when I voted in the online poll about whether boys should be allowed to wear make up to school (why the hell should they not be) I was in the 25% minority with 75% of those who answered the poll saying that the too believe a male wearing make up to school was inappropriate---
When i searched his name to find out more information I also found a number of problematic and downright asshole responses:
this forum seems to blame Matt and his mother calling her absent and saying that because he doesn't "pull it off" he should not be allowed to wear make up like that to school..

Here is a link to a full article with a video:

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Anonymous said...

I wore makeup to school all the time and never caught a lot of crap for it. I mean.. there were the odd comments by students and stuff. But I was a lot cuter than this boy. You have to understand, they're probably not protesting his make-up, but his face in general.