Tuesday, April 6, 2010

division III, say what!?

For those of you who do not know in the final year at Hampshire College students embark on a year-long massive independent study project:

Re-Mapping Our (his)Stories

This division III is a collection of stories, a preservation of lives and a reconstruction of histories. Untold stories posses the power to analyze, restructure and overthrow the systems that hold us captive. Communities must unite around stories of common history to seek the roots of oppression and fight the systems that hide those stories in the first place. Re-Mapping Our (his)Stories is a multi-media exploration of history, her-story, my-story, and your-story.
The (his)Stories project is the central focus of my Div III, other components of the project feed into and are fed by this project. The project will also incorporate a website as an online forum for showcasing and archiving the stories that are captured and created as part of the project. Additionally, this endeavor will become the first undertaking of the Midnight Media Coup, which is the organization that I will be creating throughout the course of the next year to support my work and the work of others when I leave Hampshire.
The Re-Mapping Our (his)Stories Project is an opportunity to explore the borders of our lives, and the ways we cross them; borders of technology, government and community. Those who choose to participate in Re-Mapping Our (his)Stories will have the opportunity to explore who their communities are and how the histories of those communities have been recorded. Participants will then have the opportunity to create a media history of their community; which is a cross between an oral history and a more standard interview; media histories give the interviewer the opportunity to present their interviews in multi-media formats. This project provides space to tell and re-frame these stories, which have been appropriated, misrepresented and simply untold in the past.

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